Monday, February 6, 2017

How To Deal With a Dog or Puppy That Snaps or Bites

Training is the Key
warning the is in flight. Warning is how puppies and dogs protect themselves and others.
Warning is how puppies and dogs protect themselves and others.

Recently I have discovered the reason Bojangles was in need of a home was because he was snapping at his original family, as well as attempting to dominant his birth father. Also, I was told Bojangles's birth mother was a bitter. Unfortunately Bojangles birth mother's poor training was past down to him as well. 

Also, when Bojangles would snap he would be punish in negative manners in which only taught Bojangles to snap without warning. Snapping or biting is not a inherit trait, yet a learn behavior that is caused through poor training and leadership skills. 

Yes, most people would had re-home him or dropped Bojangles off at a shelter the fist time he snapped. However, through understanding, love, patients, and positive training there is hope for Bojangles as for any dog or puppy. 

Along with learning Bojangles triggers, additional positive training, with some simple rules set in place, such as not sleeping in my bed, Bojangles has already improved greatly. He has not snapped since. 

One of the keys to improve Bojangles is to beware of his early warnings. To avoid being bitten, the best practice is to step away from Bojangles when he warns and say "OK, good boy. Thanks for the warning" and allow space.

Dogs and Puppies can snap or bite for several reason from protecting resources, feeling intimated, or suffering from a health issue.

In Bojangles case I notice two things that trigger him to snap. One is not feeling well. Bojangles has been undergoing the heart worm treatment for a year now. Also, as Bojangles grows, he does not want to be always touched. The other reason is baby talk. I was told the main person that cared and played with Bojangles was a two year old child. Whenever my husband and I talk sweet baby talk and pet him, Bojangles's body starts to tense and his pupils begin to become large.His eyes go from a reddish brown that matches his fur coat to pitch black.Until I taught him to warn, Bojangles would snap and lounge at that point, yet now he gives a low growl as a warning.

So, one, never allow a child that is not properly train be the keeper of any dog or puppy no matter the breed. Two, never, I mean never punish a puppy or dog for warning a person or child. Puppies and dogs do not have lots of options outside of body language, grunts and growls. We as pet parents, must be aware of the body language, so we can help and prevent our furry love ones from biting. Biting is the last step a puppy or dog will do if all other warnings are ignored.

When we ignore and punish our dogs or puppies for warning us, we teach them that there is only one option, biting. Place yourself in your furry loved  perspective. A person, an adult or child has step on your foot or harm you. You warn them to stop. Yet, they keep hurting you. Eventually you will make a choice run away or fight back. If you have no option to run, you snap to let them know to stop.

Before we judge and abandon our furry loves, we must look at several things, such as intimidation form a person or another furry loved one, health issues, and lack of training of the pet parent, as well as the pet.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Leave a comment or ask a question. Do you know the signs when your dog  or puppy is unhappy, hurting, or simply desires to be left alone? Or do you push your furry loved one to do what you want? 

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