Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Michigan town lifts the BSL ban on Pit Bulls due to public outcry when a Pit Bull was threaten death after being a hero.

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Say No to Breed discrimination! no BSL Unless that stands for Beautiful Slobbery Love
Say No to Breed discrimination! 
BarkPost reports, on 09/14/17 Michigan town lifts the BSL ban on Pit Bulls due to public outcry when a Pit Bull was threaten death after being a hero. According to Barkpost, the women's was being beaten by her drunk boyfriend. Also, according to the report, the boyfriend had abused the Pit Bull and the women as well in the past. When the man was smashing the woman's head against the wall, the Bully grab the man's leg and stopped him. Due to the BSL ban, the women had five days to get rid of the Bully. At least the city allowed the Bully to be quarantined at home. Thankfully, because of the public outcry, this Bully’s life was saved after a few short months (BarkPost).

The cities and towns that are placing the BSL ban in effect are finding there are other breeds that are being reported as vicious bites and is on the rise. According to BarkPost, these breeds include Labradors and Boxers.

Breed banning does not stop dogs from biting. Proper training is the key solution for the pet parent as well as the pet. I have a Black Labrador that I thought would be more people friendly. He is now over twelve years old and still scares people due to his size. He has always been protective of the family. I have trained him, so he has never growl or warned unjustly. Yet, even labs only can take so much from people and kids. He was a rescue that was treated poorly due to him being a lab. Labs too will bite if treated with abuse or trained improperly. Matter of fact my lab has a stronger jaw than my Bullies. My lab can cut through a bone like butter still to this day. He always finishes his bones first over my Bullies.   

The most dangerous aspect is to stereotype a dog and assume temperament from the physical or breed aspects. I have known viscous Puddles, Wiener dogs, as well as Cocker Spaniels, in which are no Bullies, but are more unpredictable. People assume these dogs will not attack or cause harm. Also, often times children are left unattended and abusing the dogs due to not knowing how to treat an animal in which is why most kids are bitten. No matter the breed or size an animal can and will attack if not treated fairly or is untrained.  If we watch a Bully of any kind we can see the warning well before a bite ever happens. Proper training and knowing how to train is the difference. Plus, a dog that warns should never be punished, since all the dog will learn is to bite before warning.  

If a dog warns, the person should back off, and see what they are doing to cause the warning. This teaches us to communicate, as well as listen to our furry love ones. Plus, when we say OK, good girl or boy thanks for the warning, and back off, this allows the dog to warn in the future and avoid unwanted bites.

In the dog world, bites is the last resort when no one's paying attention to the warnings.The drunk boyfriend could had avoided the attack if he had not attacked the women or the dog first. The Bully must had realized this guy was not going to stop until the women was dead. Bullies are very sensitive and wise. We see the best of the Bully breed when we take the time to learn about basic personal characteristic, as well as how each Bully communicates individually. Stereotyping the Bully breed is just as wrong as stereotyping people. For every person there is a new world and perspective. The same as the Bully, for every dog is a different personality.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Tell me what is on your mind. Do you stereotype life or see the individual aspects of life?

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