Monday, February 20, 2017

People that are addicted to Opioid resort to violent abuse

Picture created be Eve Hoffman
Life is sweet with unconditional love
Unconditional love!
Life is always sweet with unconditional love. The New York post reports, People are now maiming their pets to score drugs, people that are addicted to opioid is now harming and mutilating his or her pets to con veterinarians into subscribing the painkiller “ Tramadol”.

We live in sick and sad times when a person resort to harming his or her loved one for drugs.

When I was a kid my grandmother took care of the elderly in their homes. She was a live in nurse. I would visit and stay with my grandmother, especially during the summer months. There was painkillers and sleep aids always near the patients on a stand. There was always a unspoken rule to never take the patient's medicine. Taking the patient medicine meant the person suffered unjustly. No one had to tell me. I understood simply by having empathy for the person my grandmother took care of daily, as well as respect for my grandmother.  

I could had never imagined or thought of bringing harm to my puppies or dogs to get high or feel good. Causing unjust cruel disgusting harm to a loved one takes a sick and wrong person. Even though, I am not an expert in psychology, a person that brings such harm to a defenseless life, such as a puppy or dog is not stable and not fit to be in society.

There must be laws to protect such cruel acts to people that bring harm to his or her furry loved ones. As well as, Veterinarians must be educated and be taught how to spot the signs of torture and abuse to obtain the drug “Tramadol”.

I have to admit, Yes I went through the 80’s party period. This may sound odd yet, I party with morals. When I had fun, my fun never caused harm to another. I was blessed to touch the dark side of the moon, as well as have some fun without deaths or casualties. There is no excuse for this selfish epidemic opioid and causing harm to the animals to support such habit and choices.

This opioid epidemic and the torture of the animals is a sign humanity needs awaking that extends beyond the selfish sickness and desires.

Caring is sharing. Please share Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Please leave a comment tell me what is on your mind? Are you shock and appalled people would actually bring harm to his or her loved one to gain a high from the drug “Tramadol” that acts like a opioid.

Video created by Eve Hoffman, Found on YouTube

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