Monday, February 13, 2017

Pet monkey is placed in a wall to live for more then 25 years.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
To truly love a life is to allow a life to live in freedom
To truly love a life is to allow a life to live in freedom

​Life Daily reports a man in Bangkok had placed a macaque monkey inside a cage between two walls for 25 years.

​Also, Life Daily reports the authorities were surprised how this monkey survived the extreme poor living conditions. There was human trash and wastes along with rats in the monkey's cage. The report says the man's living conditions was just as bad.

The monkey did not live how monkeys should naturally. The monkey could not jump and climb. According to Life Daily's report, the monkey had been neglected and was in poor health.

Thankfully the macaque monkey has been rescue. He has met new friends. The report says he has not climb or jump as of yet, perhaps in time. I bet he is grateful just to have a clean place to live, fresh food and water, with some freedom.

What shocks me is how people will take a animal and lock or tie him or her up. Why have animals if you are not going to care for them properly.Why have a animal that you are not going to provide a natural life. I wonder why does mankind have to kill, chain, cage, lock or tie up and control all the animals on this planet. Is mankind afraid the animals will take over?

One thing, I know is animals have more heart and do not abuse or torture other animals. Mankind can return to nature as we have in the past and observe animals to relearn how to live in harmony.

No person, monkey, dog, or animal should ever be abused, neglected, forgotten in a cage, or left on a chain to live and die.

I am happy to see this monkey will have the rest of his life to know friends, have fresh food, and water, as well as be cared for properly.

Everyone has a pet of choice. Yet, I disagree people having pet monkeys. My dad had a spider monkey when he was a kid. I was told the monkey did nothing but cause trouble and was hard to care for properly.

To each its own, yet if a person does not live in a jungle and can provide a close to natural life, they should not have a pet monkey.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animals awareness and education, while helping a dog or puppy in need.

Leave a comment. tell me what is on your mind. Have you had a pet monkey or known someone with one?

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