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Petsmart's Groomer Kills a Loving Puppy

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Pet groomers should always show love and respect with professionalism in mind Pet groomers should always show love and respect with professionalism in mind... We should always check on who we allow to care for our furry loved ones.
We should always check on who we allow to care for our furry loved ones.

Taking our furry loved ones to the groomer should be a time to show love and respect. Jobs that care for life, no matter for humans or animals are sacred in which most assume will be safe.

SF Gate, Bay Area owners of slain dachshund file lawsuit against PetSmart by Sarah Ravani reports, a San Metro pet groomer kills one year old Dachshund puppy during a normal grooming routine.

Ravani reports, the puppy was suppose to receive a normal routine nail trimming. Instead, the puppy faced a angry groomer. When the couple arrived to pick-up their puppy, they found the puppy foaming at the mouth, as well as barely hanging onto life. Later, at the vet's office, the couple discovered the puppy had endured broken ribs under Petsmarts' care. The groomer, identified as “Juan Zarate, a 38-year-old San Francisco resident” is facing charges and is in jail (Ravani).

Also, Petsmart is facing a lawsuit. According to Ravani report Petsmart has had several incidents that have been reported to consumer affairs. Petsmart refuse to make a statement, even out of respect of the life that was lost in Petsmarts care (Ravani). The sad part this is not the first death or injury that has occurred in the care of a Petsmarts' groomer. There needs to be better training, stricter laws, and regulations. At the present time, there is no special licence or training required.

In the ideal world everyone would groom his or her own furry loved ones. Grooming is a great time to bond with our furry loved ones. Just as people, dogs need to learn to enjoy grooming. Some dogs, such as my Sir. Duke does not care to take baths or have his nail trim. I have learned to groom what is needed and to let go what is just vanity, such as having perfect trimmed nails. However, in turn there are puppies and dogs such as Bojangles that enjoy grooming. Bojangles loves to be pampered. He seems to never get enough attention. So, nail trimming to him is a loving moment. Due to his past experiences with abusive people, I groom Bojangles.

So, to simply bond better with all my animals, I take care of the dogs grooming needs. All my dogs are rescues and require special attention. Knowing who is best to groom our love ones is the first step to a healthier relationship.

Groomers oftentimes groom animals that pet parents have not trained properly  and has become too difficult to groom at home. Finding the right person to work with you, as well as the pet in a loving and respectful manner is a must. The best method to avoid harm to our furry loved ones is to groom them at home. If a person needs to have the extra help, be sure to check customer affairs, as well as know the groomer. Also, pay attention to how your furry loved ones are acting before and after an appointment at the groomers. Our furry loved ones may not be able to speak loudly in our languages, yet how they behave happy, scared, withdrawn, or refuse to go are great clues that a good pet parent will pay attention. If your furry loved one is acting negative to an appointment at the groomers or vet, perhaps a new groomer or vet is needed.

I have in the past taken Sir. Duke to get his nail trimmed professionally.  After a few times, Sir. Duke only got worse and refuse to move forward. He would plant his feet firmly in the ground. Sir. Duke appeared to use all his strength not to be moved. After a few times, the Vet and I agree, short nails is not important due to how Sir. Duke stress over the process of going to the groomers or vet. To keep Sir. Duke nails trim, I take him for walks on hard surfaces when the weather is cool enough. Whenever we must groom, we make sure everything is enjoyable and stress free.

Professionals that we leave our furry loved ones to care for is becoming a growing trend that harms is sign there is a in need for reform. Lately, there are been too many groomers harming our furry loved ones from small unknown to famous Petsmart groomers. We must be picky, call for regulations, proper training, as well as a license is needed.

A pet parent should be able to trust the professional we leave our furry loved ones to be cared and groomed. Trust is built overtime. However, even after years we must check on how our furry loved ones are treated by the the groomers to the vet. We should never assume the people we leave our furry loved ones with love and understands how to care him or her in a respectful manner.

Money seems to be Petsmart's focus, not the love for our furry loved ones. Let's let Petsmart know that all lives matter. Join me and let Petsmart understand until there is policy change, no more caring for our furry loved ones.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs and puppies in need.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you take your furry loved one to the groomers, or you like me groom them at home?

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