Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Teen football players post the wildlife they beaten and killed!

Picture found on Channel 16 WNEP
animals-beaten animals-beaten There is something wrong with a person mind if they abuse and kill wild life for fun!
There is something wrong with a person mind if they abuse and kill wild life for fun!

Channel 16 WNEP news reports, five teen football players in Columbia County had beaten and killed a variety of wildlife According to WNEP report, the football players had posted their kills on instagram to brag.

The wildlife the football players killed was a raccoon, opossums, pigeons, frogs, and a snake (WNEP). All the victims were small and defenseless against the football players and their bats. WNEP reports, the young men took bats and beat the animals to death. After the animals were beaten to death the football players placed the animals like trophies in front of a camp fire and proudly took pictures. Of course posting as soon as they could on social media, instagram.

According to WNEP, the Football players have been cited. There should be better protection laws for violent acts against animals in general, domesticated or wildlife. The players should be removed from any current teams, as well have their sick and cruel act documented to prevent them from joining any teams in the future.

The football players unjust and inhumane acts creates lots of question. One is why? Two, why are people losing empathy for life?  Three, why are people killing life without a purpose, both domesticated and wildlife?
One theory could be that there is no appreciation where food comes from or what life is sacrificed to feed the masses.  After all, the teen football players have grown up in a fast food world where most of the food is prepared prior and is ready with a touch of a button.

Perhaps, the innate hunter and gather is acting-out in our society since mankind no longer has to kill or fight for food in the physical sense.

One thing for sure is missing in our society is the appreciation what life sacrifices to feed other life, even when feeding life is unnecessary. Another aspect is missing is knowing where and how the food is prepared from the moment of death or harvest.

Throughout all generations need awareness and animal education. We need to get back to the basic and learn from nature mankind’s better purpose, along with all of life.

Yes, mankind is the higher of the animal archy. However, mankind has higher responsibilities to life as a whole to be respectful and see the higher purposes. What does set mankind aside from the rest of the animals is being able to reason and do not have to kill to eat.

The sad aspect is the cruel act the football players displayed reminds us humanity can be lower than any animal or creepy crawler. The only aspect in this case that sets us apart from the rest of the animals is hope and potential awareness with positive change both for the players, as well as society.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for puppies and dogs in need.

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