Friday, February 17, 2017

The police in Missouri lacks common sense

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Yes, my babies keep me safe. However my job is to keep them safe as well keeping the boy safe is number one
Yes, my babies keep me safe. However my job is to keep them safe as well
We live in sad time when we have to take extra protection from organizations that are design to keep us safe. A women was at home having a peaceful evening when two officers docked on the door. US reports, the officers shot the dog after the woman open the door and the dog came out headed in the cops direction.

You can see in the video reported by the US report the dog was simply checking out who was there on the property. The dog is shot once and turns to attempts to run away. While the dog is running away the cop shoot the dog again, dead.

The cop's justification is he was afraid of dogs and did not want to be bitten. That is a sad excuse. Both cops need to get a new job if they are afraid of dogs.  

Retraining and policy changes need to happen across the USA. Cop's need to understand the animals lives matter as well.

I will be hugging my dogs a little closer tonight. I will be thinking how I will handle my dogs if a cop come to my door.

One step for sure I will take is locking my dogs in the house if for some reason a cop came to my door.

We live in scary times when a cop lacks common sense and kills a dog that is deeply loved. My heart breaks knowing the cops in general are displaying the lack empathy and caring to have skills to handle the domesticated animals properly and safely.  

All Lives Matter. Change in training and policy is needed.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs and puppies in need.

Here is another example from Kansas why police training and policy must change to protect all, including the domesticated animals.

The video is heart breaking and reveals the police are harden and are becoming dangerous to the people that are in need of help and protection. Also, this video reminds us pet a parents, no matter what to protect our fury loved ones first, especially when answering the door to a unscheduled person.

Years ago when I was in my 20's I decided to never answer to someone that did not schedule to come to my home. I am grateful for that rule and this video reminds why I keep that rule in place.

Video credit to Urban Warfare Channel and found on Youtube

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