Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Zoos are the thing of the past

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The wild deserve to live in the natural habitat and freedom
The wild deserve to live in the natural habitat

Zoos are the thing of the past. One of Gaza Zoos was force to close down. Four Paws reports shutting down a very neglected and poorly managed zoo called Khan Younis in Gaza.

The appearance of the animals appear to be time was running out. They lacked proper care, fresh food and water. Four Paws has rescued sixteen extremely neglected and starving animals from the zoo.

From years of poor management, Four Paws reports, several animals have died due to malnutrition and the political human issues in Gaza.

Sad, the Zoo owner tried to make money from the dead animals. He had them mummified and displayed them (Four Paws). I wonder if the zoo had visitors. Even the nicest zoos are losing people's interest. Zoos are the thing if the past. I bet lack of visitors is one of many reason why Khan Younis zoo was missed managed.

Thankfully, Four Paws was able to reach an agreement with the zoo's owner. The animals now each have a new home, medical treatment, and a chance at a healthy life.

The last time I went to the zoo was a few years ago. My mother's work was having a annual employee appreciation day. The tickets were free. I had not been to a zoo for thirty plus years at that point. So , I went.

I saw in every animal, the misery of being caged and stared upon. The zoo had a coyote that paced back and fourth in front of the cage. The poor animal wore a deep path and never went into the provided grass. Every since that day, I have not gone to another Zoo.

Free ticket or not, I do not go to zoos. I figure one less person to stress out the already tired and possibility sick animals is better.

Four Paws is correct, no animal should be for entertainment of any kind.

One more zoo shut down in the world  is a closer step to no more zoos. No animal deserves to be caged all their lives. No wild or domesticated animal can live a healthy life caged.

We can help Four Paws to shut down zoos in several creative methods. The biggest help to shut down a zoo is do not attend and support the zoo with your money. If you want to help the animals, donate your money to places, such as Four Paws that rescue the variety of animals in need.

Say No to Zoos!

Video "FOUR PAWS closes "worst zoo in the world" credited to FOUR PAWS International, found on YouTube.

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