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A play day out Bully Style

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Are we going road trip
Road Trip

On a typical day the bully does not mind to play in the house or out in the back yard. However depending on personality, a day out to see the world around the sacred place we call home is good for the soul.

I find my boys, Sir Duke and Bojangles become anxious after a period of time of not going on an adventure, even if the outing is simple a trip to the grocery store. Sir. Duke and Bojangles is easily satisfied. If I do not take the boys out a minimum of once a week for 20 minutes, Sir. Duke and Bojangles discover creative methods to escape the gate and take a run on their own.

At night and in the early morning hours is when we have to be careful with Sir Duke and Bojangles. They both can easily hide in the dark shadows and slipt past a person that opens the gate. There is a non-fixed female Bully about Sir. Duke’s size a few doors down is normally where the boys go to when they achieve unbridled freedom, despite both are neutered.

Thankfully, they love to go on adventure in my SUV.  When I take the boys out for a walk. I typically will bring them to the river walk in my SUV. So, to get Sir. Duke’s and Bojangles’s running attention, I will jump in the car, head in their direction, stop, open the passenger door, and call them.  Both boys, Sir. Duke and Bojangles eagerly jump into my SUV. Of course Sir. Duke normally first, afterall he is my baby.

Thankfully escaping only has happen a few times with no one outside. As a pet parent, I must be smarter and faster than the boys, so they may not pull a Houdini.

Well, to heal the Houdini syndrome, I have found taking the boys on a small trip once a week, even to the market is a great way to keep them satisfied. Sir. Duke and Bojangles are less interested in escaping, as well what the neighborhood is doing at any giving moment.

Also, the boys improve on social skills. Bojangles is afraid of loud sounds, since he was shot at with a shotgun when he was a puppy before I adopted Bojangles. So, going out beyond the safe walls of our fence builds up confidence, as well allows Bojangles to overcome his fears.

Sir. Duke and Bojangles are typical Bullies that are lazy and easily tired. One 20 minutes adventure keeps them calm for a few days. Also, the boys bark less. The boys even follow closer to me, just in case another adventure is in order.

The secret is to be consistent. The dogs begin to look forward to the adventure. My boys will pay attention to details and become excited, such as what shoes I chose to wear, as well as when I take a shower. No matter the day, the weekend or during the week, picking a day and time to take our furry loved one is important for both us, as well as them.

One of the reason I have such a hard time taking Sir. Duke and Bojangles on public adventures is so many people will stop and stare. This has happened since Sir. Duke was only 6 weeks old. For some reason Sir. Duke has fascinated people, especially as he grows larger. When they discover Sir. Duke is still a puppy that has time to grow the interest becomes stronger. I was told he is a Pit Bull. Yet, as he grows and reaches 125 pounds, the Mastiff in Sir. Duke bloodline becomes obvious. Sir. Duke went through several stages as he grew. He has looked like a Wiener,  Labrador and even a pig. Yet, When he finally fills in and widen outs, his Bully mastiff side will be a work of art that cannot be denied.

So, there is a few things that bug me about people and the boys in public places.

People do slowly drive by, as well as drive close as possible to get a good look at the boys. (For example, I enjoy walking Sir. Duke and Bojangles in the parking lot while my husband shops)
People stare, at least with a smile.

Of course someone always has to stop and make a comment. Especially about how red Bojangles coat and how gorgeously large Sir. Duke is becoming. Sometimes I will get a question or two that normally is about what kind of Bullies are they boys and their ages.

People have to walk as close as possible as well. Sir. Duke loves the extra attention. He will let anyone pet and kiss him. Sir. Duke even takes hugs from children. Yet, Bojangles was raised with a 2 year old girl. He pulls away in fear when he hears a child scream in excitement or crosses the four to six foot personal space. Bojangles loves candy and cheerios, fish crackers, animal cookies, but does not appear to love children.

Of course, little children that are smaller then my boys want to say hello. Thankfully at a distance most of the time. Sir. Duke and Bojangles would not harm on purpose. Yet, I fear because of their sizes, a child smaller then them could easily be knocked down, even though that has not happened. Also, I always worry about sir. Dukes long and strong tail. His tail is similar to a whip. The happier Sir. Duke becomes, the harder the tail whips and can be slightly painful. Yet, the kids just giggle and say "it’s OK". Parents tell me not to worry, the tail is normal. Now, Bojangles has soft tail that when hit a person feels nice. Of course that if he allows someone to pet him. Typically Bojangles stays close or behind me. He sometimes acts as if I may give him away. Bojangles is very cute. He always acts like a perfect gentlemen, so I have no reason to abandon him. I attempt daily to teach Bojangles, no matter how he is or behaves I am keeping him for life.

Now there are several benefits to going outside of the sacred home for an adventure.

  1. Gain public social skills of sounds and smells.
  2. See the world beyond home.
  3. Release energy.
  4. ​Exercise for both, pet parent, dogs or puppy.
  5. Overcome anxiety and fears for both Bojangles and I.
  6. To be satisfied.

Picking the day and time is easy. Keeping to a consistent schedule is the challenge. Weather will vary a schedule, especially heat. We must remain open and flexible to keep our furry loved ones healthy. Also, a person work schedule could change. No matter the challenge the importance is to remain consistent as much as possible and only change the time when necessary.

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Leave a comment. What is your favorite adventurers with your furry loved ones?

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