Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lady ties up her dog's mouth for about a minute to punish the dog and post on Facebook

 Picture credited to I love dogs
No dog or puppy should be punish in a negative  manner. A good Pet Parent understands learning only occurs with respect and love.
No dog or puppy should be punish in a negative  manner. A good Pet Parent understands learning only occurs with respect and love.

I am amazed when I hear how a person thinks any form of punishments, such as tying the mouth shut with shoelaces will teach the dog a lesson. All the dog learns is the person is capable of hurting him or her and that the person is not trustworthy.

Life with dogs reports a women, named Boothby, found her dog along with her shoelaces chewed apart. Instead of learning how she could avoid this in the future, the women decides to tie the chewed shoelaces on the dog mouth for about 45 seconds as a punishment. She also took a picture and posted on Facebook to brag about what she had done to her dog. The sad part is the only lesson her dog learned was she is untrustworthy and can be dangerous.

Dogs typically will chew on things that smell like the pet parent for comfort. Whenever I leave the house, I must insure all my clothes and shoes are put away. My dogs will nibble, chew, and suck on them while I am away. If I am home they know better, yet sometimes they cannot resist the urge to nibble if I become lazy and leave my shoes on the floor, specially the ones that have separation anxiety. After all the items taste and smell like their favorite person, me.

My dogs have eaten so many pairs of shoes over the years since I have rescued them, I make jokes that my dogs do not want me to leave, so if they eat all my shoes, I will have to stay home with them.

Through love, and positive training most dogs can overcome the chewing phase and chew on the items we wish, unless they have separation anxiety. In this case extra love and positive training is needed.

No punishment or kennel will correct separation anxiety or any unwanted behavior, only love, positive training, and consistent routines.

Let's hope this woman learned her lesson and loves her dog with positive training, not punishments of any kind.

According to Life With Dogs the police had no justification to press harsh charges or take the dog away from Boothby. The report said the dog could breath and the women has been a good pet parent in the past as far as the investigation discovered.  The police did warn Boothby no negative punishments will be tolerated and tying the dog's mouth shut for even a second is not moral.

Regardless of the crime, the person that is in charge of the dogs are at fault. Training should always start with the pet parent or responsible person. Dogs are wise and skillful as the pet guardian. 
Caring is sharing please share Bully Love and Devotion ti spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Should a animal be punished or trained?  

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