Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Music for dogs that have fears and are restless

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If there is a heart, eyes, ears, and a mind music can effect the life...
If there is a heart, eyes, ears, and a mind music can effect the life...

I enjoy listening to subliminal music that can enhance life. Often times my dogs simply lay around relaxed without a care in the world, while I am listing to calm music. I never gave much thought about playing calming music until I saw a Facebook post. 

The Facebook post I saw talked about a calming music that was designed for humans, yet work on dogs at a shelter when a young boy that was visiting a shelter decided to play for the shelter to calm the frantic dogs and puppies. To the boys amazement the dogs went from barking, whining and trying to dig out of the cages to a calm rest. The boy had told his father the energy was thick and full of panic is why he decided to give the music a try. So, I got curious to see what other music is there that is designed for dogs, especially music that can help Bojangles with his fear of storms.

When I went to YouTube, I discovered there are several that claim to help dogs and puppies stay calm and be able to rest through the night or during a storm. Also, I have read the right music can help to keep dogs and puppies from chewing on unwanted items in the home. 

According to Relax My Dog, the music should calm all types of dogs. So, I plan on giving the music a try the next time there is a storm in the area. Also, I plan on playing the music at night when we all go to bed to see if the music can keep the dogs relax while we sleep. 

I not surprised music can calm and help the mind of a dog, after all research reveals that dogs do have the same conscious and brain structure of a human child. 

Stay tune for a update. I will let you know if Bojangles can overcome his fear of storms, while remaining calm.Also, I will let you know if I see positive changes within my dogs over the next few weeks or so.

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Leave a comment. Did you know that special music can help training and calm fears, as well as anxiety?  

Video credited to Relax My Dog - Relaxing Music for Dogs, Found on YouTube 

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