Thursday, March 9, 2017

Rare White Rhino Killed in a French Zoo

Picture found on Yahoo News
Vince the rare white rhino killed by poacher inside the French Zoo
Vince the rare white rhino killed by poacher inside the French Zoo

Poacher are the worse of humanity. As I read the story about how the poachers broke into a French Zoo and killed a rare white rhino for the horns turns my stomach sick and makes my heart ache. No life, no matter facing extinctions as the white Rhino should ever be killed for mankind, even if the Asians believe there is medical purpose.

According to Yahoo News  (YN), the white Rhino was five years old. The zoo named him Vince.He was just a baby when he first arrived at the zoo.When official discovered Vince, things appeared that the crime was interrupted (YN). Vince was shot three times and one of his horns was sawed off when Vince's keeper found him in his enclosure (YN).

According to Yahoo News "demand for the horn is strong in newly-affluent Asian countries such as Vietnam, where it is prized as an ingredient in traditional medicines, and African authorities have struggle". We need to make this act illegal around the world, not just in France and the UN. 

Sad enough the wildlife must face terror from poachers, being caged and defenseless is even worse. Vince had no chance to escape or find a place to hide. The zoo is located west of Paris (YN). I hope they have some evidence to find and prosecute these poachers.

As buyers we must not purchase items, including medicine that are made out of animals horns and tusk. Most of the time these items come from poachers.Also, medicine made from tusks and horns are not scientifically proven. This idea the medicine has value lies in urban legends and fork lures. As the law become striker to protect the wildlife, we will continue to see poachers killing innocents animals to meet the demand. This is why we must stop supporting poachers with economic means and create laws to stop the consumers as well..

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Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Did you know poachers are still  in demand today?

Video credited to Wochit News, found on YouTube

Video credited to The Still report, found on YouTube 

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