Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dogs Eat Fruit and Veggies

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The root of a healthy life is grown from the dirt.
The root of a healthy life is grown from the dirt.

Every since I was a kid, I shared all my food with my fury loved ones. Since I grew up more vegetarian or vegan, my furry loved ones often times enjoyed fruits and veggies. Indeed, dogs do enjoy eating fruits and veggies. Puppies are similar to human babies that they too sometimes must be taught to enjoy eating the fruit or veggie. Some dogs never learn to enjoy some fruits and veggies as some human adults regardless the benefits. Also, our furry loved ones benefit from natural fresh foods as well as us. That is one of many reason why dog is very compatible to mankind.

My dogs mostly eats what I eat. sorta the same as monkey see, monkey do. For example, if my furry babies see me frown and give a icky sound they too will not eat the food. Now, if I eat the fruit and veggies as if I found the most delicious thing in life, my dogs are eager to eat as well. 

One of the fruits I found my dogs enjoy are bananas. Until I was sent the following website Can dogs eat bananas? I had naturally understood the benefits of bananas. 
The great aspect is bananas are a cheap food to boost the puppy or dogs immune. Loaded with tons of vitamins, such as vitamin C. Also, the potassium is great for muscle and bone health. One thing for sure, no matter how healthy the banana, in my house if you want to eat a banana alone you must find a good place to hide. My dogs hear the peel  of the banana being broken or the smell of the banana they come running.  

There are endless benefits in eating bananas for both humans and our fur-babies. Puppies and dogs are very intelligent and most of the time know instinctively what to eat or to stay clear away. So, the good rule of thumb is if food is good for you, so is for your fur-baby.

Fun Fact: Did you know bananas can help relieve constipation or diarrhea? Great for digestion due to the fiber. Learn more about bananas at Can dogs eat bananas? 

Each day we will take the time to explore myths and reality of which fruits and veggies our furry babies should not eat and is a must for a healthy life. We will find that most things that are not healthy for our furry loved ones are also causes health issues in humans as well, such as white sugars.

Leave a comment. what is your furry loved ones favorite foods? What fruits or veggie is a must to share? Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind.

Is there a particular fruit or veggie you are curious if you puppy or dog should be eating? Let me know I will be happy to add the request information.

Stay tune on the subject of Garlic. We will explore the myth verses the facts. 

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