Friday, September 22, 2017

How A speeding Ticket Will Benefits Local Animal Shelter

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My greatest reasons to slow down are my fur-babies.
My greatest reasons to slowdown are my fur-babies. 

Recently I was speeding in a 30 mph zone. Shamefully I was going 55 mph in the 30 mph. The area was a business district. The funny aspect I warned myself the day before to slow down.

Throughout the residential area I morally reminds myself to slow down due to unexpected children or animals. Freeways and business districts my foot becomes lead. Well like every good thing my speeding days are over. Yes, shocking. Well, cruise control has help me slow down. The hardest part is simply breaking the actual habit of speeding

Well, the ticket cost was very expensive. I was hoping to do community service for the cost of the fine. Nope, since I was going 25 mph over the speed limited, I had to pay the fine in full of $214.00. Now if I desire to have the incident kept off my record, I must complete 15 hours of community services and attend driving school. So I decided to do my community services at the Waco local shelter.

I had several choices. I could had chosen the Dr. Pepper Museum or Fuzzy Friends for example. However, I took the time to consider what I desired and where I felt the helps was needed the most. I want all the good that can come out of me breaking the law by speeding other then a useless fine spent to the Big Boy Network. I slow down for the love of my dogs. That $214.00 could had benefited us.

So, with a few weeks of consideration, the Waco Shelter I feel is the right fit for me. The shelter helps all dogs verses Fuzzy Friend rescue. Fuzzy Friends rescue told me they do not help any animals they deem is from a aggressive breed. Plus, when my mom needed help with a French Bull dog, Fuzzy friends turned her away. Thankfully the Waco Humane Society helped my mother as they have helped countless other animals that no one person wanted to give a second chance.

I plan to call the shelter next week and set up a day and time. I am considering my responsibility to my fur-babies. I may just go every Friday for five hours until the 15 hours are completed. If everything works and leaving the house does not stress my fur-babies, I may keep helping on Fridays. Perhaps, the speeding ticket is just what I needed to push me out the door to help as many dogs or puppies as possible.

I learned one thing for sure. I do not want to do anything that will take my time or money away from the family aka pack. So, now I am happy to drive safe, even if being safe means the slow lane. Well, at least I can stop and smell the roses at this pace.

Do you agree with me that I should has a option to work off my fine? Would you volunteer your time to give back to the voiceless? Leave a comment Tell me what is on your mind. Thanks for the share.

I plan to add pictures of the dogs and puppies in need at the Waco Humane Society. Also, I will update each how my experiences are at the shelter and how many dogs or puppies were indeed rescued. Stay tune.


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