Thursday, October 5, 2017

Understanding stress tigers is a teachable moment

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
All Bojangles desires are unconditional love and acceptance

Recently I decided to  learn the guitar. My excitement is now turned into concern for Bojangles. When I practice my lessons Bojangles runs and hides. Whenever Bojangles stresses about anything, he eats cloth. Anything that is made of cloth, such as pillow cases, towels, sheets, and blankets. Luckily so far he has past all the materials without any medical issue.

One of the reason the material passes easily maybe is due to the extra oil I give him with his breakfast and dinner. What concerns me this time is Bojangles refusal of food for a day now. Also, he got sick and only grass came up. I know a few days ago he torn-up another sheet when I first got the guitar. Look as if most of the parts of the sheet were not missing, yet I am unsure. Plus Bojangles is not eating treats. He never avoids treats. Well If he does not start eating, I will have to take him to the vet. Whenever Bojangles eats cloth he risk a blockage in his digestion.

Would be nice if he associated his tummy ache to the act of eating non edible materiel items. Learning what not to eat would be easier for Bojangles. So instead I must teach him and become stern for his own well being.

Hopefully this shall pass too. Since I know Bojangles triggers of stress, I have kept a closer eye on him. The last time I caught Bojangles eating cloth material, I let him firmly know this behavior was not acceptable. So far so good.

One thing I notice that I must keep out of reach are the pillows. Also, if I make the bed Bojangles will not chew on the sheets or blanket. Perhaps, Bojangles thinks when the bed is messy no one will notice the tears and holes.

The biggest stresses are change. Bojangles suffers from separation anxiety. Perhaps, whenever change came, Bojangles loss something or someone.  I know in time Bojangles will learn to accept the new guitar as I learn to play. My task will to teach Bojangles to cope in a healthy manner, just as I do when I leave him alone for short periods of time.

One thing is personal walks. I really need to place exercise as a important part of the day for Bojangles. A simple walk each day for Bojangles would help him relax and realize he is part of my pack aka family. Also, I need to spend more one on one time with basic training. Just as us, if we give our furry loved ones things to keep busy there is no time to worry and do destructive behavior.

There is no cure for Bojangles taste for cloth when he seeking comfort. However, since we have the reason or why, we have several tools to help Bojangles cope with life in a much healthier fashion.

Do you have a dog or puppy that eats everything regardless if the item is safe or edible? Do you know the signs? Do you know how to stop such destructive behavior? The more we are aware of the why behind the eating of none edible items, the better we can help our furry loved ones to stop.

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