Monday, November 6, 2017

A virtual walk with Duke and Bojangles at the Falls in Crawford Texas

Welcome to the virtual walk with the boys and I. Recently we have had a request to show the places where I take Duke and Bojangles for our weekly adventures.  I take the boys out each week, three to four times, every other day. I allow the boys a day of rest in between each adventure. We follow our hearts to find the places to explore.

We are blessed to live by the Waco's river walk. Cameron Park offers about 17 or so trails to explore. In time the boys and I will share the places near the house that keeps us happy most weeks. However, we enjoy smelling new cents, along with exploring new places. So, this week we decided to check out Crawford Falls in Texas.

Of course we went during the week to avoid any crowds. One things that surprised me was the lack of water. I was expecting cascading waterfalls.

So thankfully the boys did not have their hearts set on to much water being available at the falls. Do to the lack of rain this summer there was no waterfalls. Nope. The waterfalls in Crawford do not come from natural springs, so the waterfalls are dependent upon a wet season. Now, there was small pockets of water left from the summers heat. The boys were able to cool off and splash their feet when needed.

Perhaps the boys and I will visit Crawford Falls after some rain has come and gone this fall or winter. As you can see in the video the boys love to explore, climb, and jump.

Be sure to watch the video to see the boys learn to climb even the most difficult of angles and staircase to the top of this deep dry river bed in Crawford, Texas.

At least the area is kept clean. You can see in the video there is little to no trash. Be sure to stay tune for more walks and adventures with Duke and Bojangles.

If you like to see a certain part of Texas or have the boys and I explore leave your request in the comments below.

Video created by Eve Hoffman

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