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After years of research,Vegan is a great options for the dogs

Update: 1/24/16
The dogs are still doing great on the new vegan dry food. The food is lasting me now eight days for five large dogs.

Also, I still do not have to place lots of goodies into the food to get the dogs to eat. I have notice the boys have been liking more new fruits and vegetables. Just as I, the boys are learning to enjoy more plant-based foods. The action of the dogs wanting to try new plant-based foods is proof that the dogs' taste buds and nutritional needs does evolve and adapt as us humans.

 Now I do prefer fresh food for the dogs, so whenever I have leftover food I do share. The dry food is great for time and budget purposes. Also, I do add nutritional yeast and a good oil, such as canola or olive oil to insure the dogs has all the vitamins and minerals they need. Vitamin B-12 is found in only a few plant-based foods, such as nutritional yeast and tofu. Just as humans we must insure the dogs have enough calories and a balance of plant-based foods to live a healthy, long, disease free life.

My oldest dog Angel keeps surprising me. I thought he was on his death bed again this past few weeks. However, since he has been on the vegan diet he has been happier and having more energy despite going on 16 years of living. Angel is a flat coat lab/Irish setter that has outlived even what is expected for his breed. Yes he sleeps lots, yet what dog doesn't? He defiantly as a old dog smell. He has good days and bad days, who doesn't? When I look into his eyes I can still see the puppy that enjoys life. The scary thing is he is seems Angel get healthier each day, as well as smell better.

Smelling better is one bonus I have noticed since placing the dogs on a vegan diet. Their coats smell sweeter and cleaner. Shocking even the dogs' breathes are smelling tolerable. One of the reason is feeding rotten flesh is not natural for the dog. Dogs are not vultures or scavengers. In the wild, the only time a dog or wolf has meat is when fresh prey is caught by the pack. All other times, the pack hunts and dines on vegetation. This is one many reasons why our domesticated dogs are capable of living a longer and healthy life through Veganism.

Update: 1/02/18
After A few weeks the dogs are doing great on the New Vegan food. My oldest dog Angel seems to have more energy despite facing his 16th year. He has become more playful. He also seem to be more active. Also, the dogs in general are now asking for breakfast and dinner. They seem to look forward to each meal.

As any new food regimen, the dogs have had a little gas. Thankfully the farts do not smell. The same as people, the dogs and puppies digestion simply needs time to adjust to the new food.

Now since my dogs were accustomed to soft meat as well, I have been making a vegan gravy with nutritional yeast made with canola oil, a vegetable based bouillon, nutritional yeast, flour, almond milk, and water. Also, when I have leftovers, such as mashed potatoes,vegetables, or pasta I add to the dogs meals. The dry food does insure proper nutrition, yet the fresh food guarantees a well balanced diet.

Amazing how life is when we see past the marketing lies and feed a healthy balance meal without causing harm.

Stay tune to learn more about why the dogs may become Vegans along with us.

Original post: 12/26/17

After years of research, I discovered Vegan is a great options for the dogs. Amazing how life sometimes takes a full circle and brings us back to the basic foundations of life.

For the past few years I have struggled with the idea of placing the dogs on a Vegan meal plan. I understood that humans had a choice to indulge into things that are digestible or not. Eating processed foods and dead animals is proof humans are capable of consuming unhealthily and not digestible products, such as dead flesh.

I even attempted to create a meal plan for the dogs that was closer to being natural, despite going against my Vegan beliefs. So, I went raw chicken, fruits and veggies with the dogs. Well, the dogs ate the rice, fruit, vegetable perfect. The raw meat the dogs simply gulped whole. Well that got me thinking, how natural is this idea. The dogs chew the plant-based food, yet not the raw flesh. There is something wrong.

No animal in the wild kills, de-bones and stores for later. So, the dogs not enjoying the decaying flesh was understandable. Also, the dogs potentially getting sick from the decaying flesh was logical. So, I went back to canned and cooked meats.

Now, dry and canned meat was not much better for the dogs. The dogs happily ate the fresh food that was made from plant-based foods and grudgingly ate the process meats. I had to add nutritional yeast and oil to get the dogs to eat the foods that had so called meat products. So, I went back to research to understand why the dogs would eat the plant-based foods and not the meat products that we have been market to for decades that is natural. Perhaps brainwashed is the better word.

Now finding the organic holistic Vegan food was slightly difficult in my area. I had to go to three stores, one  feed store and two major pet stores. The meat industry has the market fooled in the lie dead flesh is needed.

So, finally I found Natural Balance, Vegan formula in one store in my area so far, Petco. Thankfully the dogs enjoyed the food without having to add a bribe.
Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Natural Balance, Vegan formula
Natural Balance, Vegan formula

All five of my dogs are enjoying the new food with simply a little oil. Now, I have added a little fresh garlic and nutritional yeast to help keep the mosquitoes and fleas at bay throughout the year.

The benefits so far is not having to smell the rotten flesh when serving the dogs' food. Also, the dogs are not farting or burping. Another instant improvement has been the dogs' breaths. The dogs' breaths are fresh and tolerable when one of the dogs gives a nice juicy thank you kiss.

All the dogs are eating the proper amount of food, plus a little more. All Duke's life I have struggled to get him to eat the recommended amounts. Yet, the new Vegan food I do not have the same issue. Duke went from barely eating four cups a day to the recommend six for his 120 pound size.

Will be interesting to see if my oldest dog Angel lives even longer because of the new improved healthy plant-based meals. Angel turned 15 years young this past November, 2017. He is now on his 16th year. I have notice he is becoming  more playful this week, as well as more energy. Angel is a large and tall dog that stand to my waist. Angel's weight is about 100 pounds. So living until now is very impressive. Most big and large dogs do not live this long due to poor health and to high of a protein diet.

The research says that the Vegan diet can heal most diseases and bring back youth. We will see with Angel.
Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Will be interesting to see if my oldest dog Angel lives even longer because of the new improved healthy plant-based meals.
Angel 15 year black Lab/ Irish retriever mix 100 lbs

 Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Angel turned 15 years young this past November, 2017. He is now on his 16th year. I have notice he is becoming  more playful this week, as well as more energy.
Angel enjoying life after breakfast. 
Stay tune to see how the new adventure of Veganism works for the dogs. Could Angel become one of the oldest living dogs? How well will the dogs do on the Plant-based Diet? What will improve?

Stay tune to see the dogs grow into a healthy, long and peaceful plant-base life, Veganism. After years of research,Vegan is a great options for the dogs. We are getting our feet dirty and returning to the basics fruits of life that offers abundances of success beyond our dreams.


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