Monday, December 4, 2017

Enjoy a Virtual walk with us at the Waco lake near the China Springs airport.

Our Virtual walk takes us to Waco lake near the China Springs airport. The boys and I enjoy a gorgeous day at the lake. There are lots of deer tracks and paw marks, so Duke's and Bojangles's sense of smell are extremely excited.

I felt as if a coyote was tracking the boys and I. Look how the boys keep looking deep into the areas that are full of trees and bushes. We can hear the crackle of the leaves and fallen branches. Perhaps whatever is following us is simply curious. Could be a deer as well curious why I have two fat coyotes on a leash. Having the feeling of having a unknown element following is creepy, as well has the boys attention. These are the moments I face fear while trusting Duke and Bojangles will listen to me in time of need.

One of the downside to hiking in nature is the danger of running into wild animals, as well as having a wild critter following us out of pure interest of what are you. The animals in the wild are curious about the humans as much as we are eager to learn about the wild.

I notice even the squirrels become interested and will approach Duke and Bojangles in a distant that is risky and brave of the squirrels. I am blessed the boys listen to me. Duke and Bojangles are very strong. I recognize that the boys make the safe choice through training and understanding. The real person that needs to have trust and be what is expected of the dogs is me. The boys flow with the leader. The leader is the one the show the pack by example. As hard as this maybe to accept the real problem always lies with the person or persons, not the animals. We must train ourselves and live the life we wish our for our animals.

The boys and I have so many dreams and wishes. Our bucket list grows daily. We love to explore. Duke, Bojangles and I would love to live on a house boat. Would be a dream to travel and explore the lakes throughout the US.  Never know what life will bring. Come what may. Keep dreaming.

Notice in the video how many times Duke jumps in the lake to swim. Duke would love to swim all day. The cooler weather this year is not stopping Duke from enjoying the lake. Will be interesting to see how cold does life had to become before Duke does stop swimming for the season. Stay tune to see how cold can this non-water dog take this season. He has loved to swim all his life so far. He for sure breaks stereotypes, Dukes is a big lover, as well thinks he is a mountain goat that can swim.

Thank you for the comments. Knowing we bring one person joy encourages us to keep exploring and loving nature.

Blessing to all. Be sure to subscribe to see more adventures. Hoping to be more creative this coming new year. Have a suggestion where the boys and I should explore we are open  to a new idea.

Video Created By Eve Hoffman

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