Sunday, December 3, 2017

Exploring parts of Baylor University in Texas with Duke and Bojangles

Despite our fears, anxieties, or stress Bojangles and I face another adventure. We come back happy and more at peace. Taking the boys outside for a walk goes deeper then the physical needs. The boys would sleep the day away easily on the couch inside the house. Duke and Bojangles simply goes on walks to satisfy my personal needs. Of course the boys' needs, such as the need to hunt and learn basic social leash skills are satisfied in the process.

To cope with my physical pain and anxiety I have found the best method to avoid medication is through diet and exercise. The boys are the greatest gifts that both improve my health and ease my anxieties. Everyday Duke, Bojangles, and I are able to explore and play is a blessed day.

Today's adventure takes us through the cemetery, as well as the end of the Brazos River walk in Waco Texas Off of University Park Drive. Note as we walk through parts of Baylor University, the river walk is nicer and maintained to the T. Lots of money is invested in this area of the river. Also, the fencing is a little too much in cost, thickness, and quality. 

The materiel could had been different to save money and expanded the river walk for distant. I wonder why the river walk ends so soon? I was disappointed. The boys disliked that no one has maintained the area after the fancy trial ends. There are tons of stickers and spurs that hurt the boys' paws. The walk appears about eight miles in total. Duke and Bojangles prefers to walk on the taken care of path due to all the stickers and mud. So, we will be creative in our next adventures. 

I have been pondering on going to a few cemeteries in Waco as well as near by the city of Waco, Texas. to walk the boys. Leave a comment if you would like to see some history that goes back to the late 1700's to the early 1800's. Perhaps we may even run into a ghost and not so many spurs or stickers. 

I have noticed lately Bojangles and I do not care to repeat our walks to often. We both start to stress. I feel anxiety in my chest. Bojangles starts to refuses to walk. He will sit until a new direction is discovered. Another benefit with walking Duke and Bojangles is the walking time is great for mindful walking mediation.

We do the same thing in the walking meditation as when we sit quietly. We pay attention to our feelings, mood, and thought as we also pay attention to the present moment. One of the benefits is keeping your thoughts to the present moment. In time you learn to let go of the thoughts that do not benefit or is needed for the present situation.  

So, as a person walks and focuses on the present moment healing begins. The benefits are endless to walking mediation. One of the best methods to find success is through walking mediation. This process allows us to be mindful to all the endless choices that could lead us to everything we every dreamed could be possible.  

Thanks for joining us. Be mindful of the present, let the past lay still, and allow the future to be shaped in proper timing. See you on the next virtual walk. 

Video Created by Eve Hoffman

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