Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The ride to Oakwood Cemetery Waco, Texas with Duke and Bojangles

Watch the boys and I have fun getting to our adventure. Duke and Bojangles enjoyed the ride more then the adventure this time. 

Thankfully the boys listen well and are patience. Duke and Bojangles quietly wait while I get my shoes corrected. 

Each time the boys and I go out for walk we improve in health, confidence, and training. Sometimes I think having a walking partner would be nice. Yet, I do enjoy my alone time with the boys. Come what may. 

The boys and I enjoy going to new places. So we need to be creative with our choices. Perhaps, we may check out the outside mall soon. I love the Petco at the outside mall. We could explore and get a treat. I may wait util the holidays passes and visit another cemetery due to less people. The dogs do fine with people, I prefer to avoid crowds. 

Everyday I am enjoying adventures with the boys in new places. My blessed life allows moments to be one with nature and with the dogs that I love, as well as passionately loves in returns. Life can only get sweeter. New adventures are on the horizon. 

Look forward to your comments and perhaps positive suggestions. 

 Video created by Eve Hoffman


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