Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The law verses doing what is moral, bring your pets in this cold winter!

Many laws throughout the world are simply not good enough to protect domesticated animals. Even here in the states the laws do not keep pets from facing death from cruel situations such as being tethered, chained, or tied to something. The law verses doing what is moral, bring your pets in this cold winter!

As the winter sets in many states here in the US face freezing conditions. Despite having a fur coat being exposed to freezing weather causes countless lives to suffer and die each year. Sad when a person must have a law to teach him or her to do what is moral.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Despite the heater on, even the boys need a warm blanket from the cold draft in the house.
Despite the heater on, even the boys need a warm blanket from the cold draft in the house.
 Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The Bully Breed is the most sensitive to the cold. However all breeds must be protected.
The Bully Breed is the most sensitive to the cold. However all breeds must be protected. 

Even in the wild coyotes, wild dogs, and wolves seek shelter to rest, keep warm, and cool during the hot summer months. The wild animals also create dens to stay safe and comfortable. Our domesticated animals, such as cats and dogs also seek shelter to keep comfortable, warm, or cool. If a person ties, chains, or tethers animals finding a place to rest in comfort is an impossible task.

No person should have a puppy or dog unless he or she understands the nature of the pack , aka the family. The pack aka family consist of the humans, as well as any other pets in the eyes of a puppy or dog. So when a person takes home a puppy or dog and places the puppy or dog on a chain or rope this a cruel act on so many levels.

Here are a few examples to understand why tethering or chaining a dog or puppy is cruel and unjust.

One, the puppy will feel he or she did something wrong to be treated in such a cruel manner, and will become depress, as well as have emotional issue, such as trust and fear of storms or bad weather. Some never overcome the fears of being left outside alone suffering even after being rescued.

Two, a tied, tethered, or chained dog or puppy will suffer from health issues, such as heart-worms and typical flues that are the same for people when not cared for properly. Yes, even the dog or puppy can get bronchitis and pneumonia if the immune system is not healthy. Most call this Kennel cough. Yes, the dog or puppy does not need to be in a kennel to become sick with a upper respiratory infection.

Three, the puppy or dog will die a cruel death at a young age without ever living life. All lives must be able to fulfill the natural purpose. Just as humans when loneliness and depression set in deep will lower the immune system. Also, without hope there is no reason to live, even for the dog or puppy. Some puppies and dogs will refuse to eat or drink and starve to death.

Four, most puppies and dogs left tied, tethered or chained outside never know what love means or feels, yet has endless unconditional love inside to offer.

Five, all puppies or dogs need love and interaction with the pack aka family to thrive, be healthy, love, be loved, and learn.

A strong pack aka family are the most successful in life with abundances of health and wealth beyond anyone's imaginations. When we do what is fair and moral the universe provides all we need for us and our furry loved ones. Unlike humans, the higher power loves and respects all life and rewards everyone for all loving kindness and positive actions.

A person that does not understand how an animal feels should be tied, tethered, or chain to experience how being tied for hours and days, as well as in the extreme cold and heat to understand why no life should ever be treated in such a cruel manner.

Some may say my puppies and dogs are spoiled. In all reality they are simple loved, respected, and treated as nature intended. This morning, I had to take the babies out to the back yard to potty and then back in the house due to the morning air was barley 22 degree Fahrenheit.  Yes, we all need to get out further then the backyard. However, due to the week being 32 degrees and below we are not going to risk our health or safety. Since my babies are sensitive to the cold, we will wait until the weather returns to the 40's before we take our weekly walks.

My dogs and puppies have access to the inside of house, as well as the outside for health and security reason. The pack protects all the property inside and out. The love that is gain my keeping the pack aka family together is priceless. A dog or puppy that is loved and cared for properly naturally protects, no need to train.

So, don't wait for the law to do what is moral for your furry loved ones. Mankind domesticated the cat and dog. Therefore, the responsibility for caring and providing a safe, as well as a healthy life is ours no matter the laws. Also, please call the authorities to educate the ones that do not know the harm and cruelty that is subjected to a tied, tethered, or chained animals in freezing weather this winter.

Also, please contact your local and state officials as well to create better laws that will educate and prevent cruelty.

The law verses doing what is moral, bring your pets in this cold winter!

Blessed be. Stay Warm. Hug and kiss your furry loved ones, while keeping the whole family happy and warm this winter.

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